Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fan Film Corner: "Street Fighter x Tekken: The Devil Within"

Thousand Pound Action Company's short: "Street Fighter x Tekken: The Devil Within" is this week's Fan Film Corner Selection!!

LOWDOWN:Both hide in the depths of one's soul and are unrelenting powers that plague the heroes of the Tekken and Street fighter universes respectively. "Is the quest for power just when the cost is your own humanity?" When these two powers discover the existence of one another, it changes the fate of many warriors from both worlds.

When the renowned world warrior Ryu, (from Street Fighter lore) begins to struggle with the darkness inside (The "Satsui no hadou") it attracts the attention of a man who has come to fully accept his own darkness, Kazuya Mishima (Tekken series regular). With the Devil Gene howling inside Ryu's mind, Kazuya attacks, catching him off guard and taking advantage of his battle within. Who will win when these worlds collide?

I ran into this video by accident while researching videos and looking for anything on Street Fighter's Ryu for next character spotlight. Man, I was literally blown away by this video, Mad Kudos to the Thousand Pound Action Company and their fight team for making such an action packed short with Ryu and Kazuya from Tekken with an appearance with Ken Masters from Street Fighter as well. I also checked out their other video: "Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight" which will also be our next Fan Film Corner Selection and is also worth watching as well. Great Action, Short Dialogue which makes it perfect, amazing effects and great locations for the film.

Blown away by the action in this film, Short to nearly no Dialogue which keeps the pace going and intensity up and Great Special Effects with an amazing location for the fights. Definitely a watch if your fan of Street Fighter and Tekken.


4 templar crosses out of 5
Deserves a watch whether your fan of Street Fighter and Tekken or not



Directer - Christopher Cowan

Co-Director - Haile Lee

Executive Producers - Christopher Cowan and Haile Lee

Producers - Emily Ruth Carter and Lauren Bentle

Choreography - Vonzell Carter

Ken - Reuben Langdon

Ryu - Dan Southworth

Kazuya - Mark Musashi

Jin - Brendon Huor


-Brian Lansangan
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