Friday, May 4, 2012

Star Wars Day & Celebration VI draws near

Star Wars Celebration first started as a Fan gathering to celebrate the release of a Star Wars movie (mainly the prequels) in 1999 located in Denver.
The Event has spawned 7 more such gatherings with This Year being held where in once was in 2010: Orlando, Florida!!!! announced on June 2, 2011 that Celebration VI will be held in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center from August 23-26, 2012.

In mention of Star Wars: Celebration, we must also look forward to Star Wars Day (May 4th). Star Wars Day (also sometimes known as Luke Skywalker Day) Because of the popularity of a common pun spoken on this day. Since the phrase "May the Force be with You" is a famous quote often spoken in the Star Wars Films, fans commonly say "May the Fourth be with you" on this day. (C) -Wikipedia

So PLEASE!!! Sit down and relax this friday on May 4th...POP your favorite Star Wars Film (Mine is Revenge of the Sith) and celebrate Star Wars Day....oh and don't forget to greet anyone passing by "May the Fourth Be With".

-Brian Lansangan

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