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Bombshell Profile and Exclusive Interview with Soni Aralynn

On this edition of Bombshell Profile we have an exclusive 1 on 1 interview with cosplayer: Soni Aralynn!!

Name: Soni Aralynn
Birthdate: Didn't say
Birthplace: Philadephia, Pa
Hair Color: Blonde and Black
Height: Didn't Say
Weight: Didn't Say
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Didn't Say
Ethnicity: Didn't Say

Son Aralynn is just a geeky girl who started cosplaying in 2003 when she took a trip to a little convention called "Otakon" and returned addicted to sewing to make many of the best costumes I have ever seen this side of the Mississippi river. Among many other things, Soni loves Anime, Comics and video games. Those are just some of the fun geeky things that she is into. You can catch Soni Aralynn and her fantastic costumes in pretty much any Convention, but be warned this Bombshell cosplayer may be as deadly as she is Beautiful as her Jade counterpart

Anime, Video Games, Comic books, Astrophysics, Cosplay!





Brian: Well to start off, thank you so much soni for taking the time to talk to us

Soni: of course, no problem

Brian: You probably get asked this all the time but what got you into cosplay and how many costumes have you done?

Soni: i was a big anime nerd when I was younger and by younger I mean 9 years old is about when I started. Later on in highschool a friend invited me to go to an anime convention named otakon. That was 2003. That's pretty much when I got into cosplay. I have never counted my costumes so im going to go do that right now hold on..

Brian: lol hope you don't get lost and buried in your costume closet, while your in there...what is your favorite costume you have worn since you started? and i mean favorite of all time or so far?

Soni: nah, I needed to open a folder looks to be about 21 costumes. My favorite of all time will always be Jade from mortal Kombat. My first Jade costume was made in 2007.

Brian: sweet, so your very first convention was Otakon, how many conventions have you been to and whats your favorite con?

Soni: very many conventions maybe close to 30-40 conventions. My favorite convention will always be Dragon Con in Atlanta Georgia

Brian: I love your SpiderWoman and Star Sapphire costumes.... if those two fought, who do you think would win?

Soni: Oooo thats a good question. Fatality is a strong character and Spider Woman has been through hell and back what with the skrulls taking over her body. I feel like Fatality might win but it would be a close battle. I think there would be a lot of angry cursing going on between the two during the battle. Fatality's star sapphire ring of love would probably just turn spider woman into another star sapphire anyway. What a DC Marvel crossover! hahahahaha

Brian: haha ohhh thats's the power of love baby lol, i also noticed that your a HUGE Power Ranger Fan, and that you also met Jason David Frank...the man, the myth, the question is....whos your favorite ranger and how was it meeting Jason David Frank with addition to him fighting in MMA?

Soni: My favorite power ranger will always be tommy oliver. Jason David Frank is a very funny and energetic guy. I went to a fitness class he was hold in new york and he kicked my butt. He is a demanding teacher. He is always pumped to meet his fans and will do almost anything for his fans. his facebook is check him out!

Brian: Most Definitely, he was also my favorite ranger, i love the tattoo he has: "Jesus Didn't Tap". So you say your a BIG Anime fan, name some of your favorite Animes....and why are they your favorite?

Soni: sailor moon, its the first anime I have ever watched. Sailor Moon is so much fun I love the soldier of justice theme, the bad ass females. Ghost in the shell because its smart, involves futuristic themes, and downloading your consciousness into a robot. Outlaw Star because um GENE STARWIND. Bubble Gum Crisis, can't have enough girls running around in busty robot suits. lol bewbs. I've seen a ton of anime and those are just some of my favorites. Recent favorites are code geass and Vampire Knight. I think my next anime might be bunny and tiger =) ...wait that name is wrong whats the name of that anime? tiger and bunny hahahhahahah

Brian: haha ya its "Tiger and Bunny", my favorite animes are Cowboy Bebop (hands down) Wolf's Rain, and Trigun. Oh speaking of a DC and Marvel crossover.... Whats your favorite comic brand? DC or Marvel?

Soni: I love them both

Brian: Who or what is your biggest inspiration in your life?

Soni: Having fun, being nerdy, and making new friends. thats the inspiration.

Brian: Couldn't said any better myself... I would like to thank you for giving us some your time to talk to us =) and for the final question....whats the next convention on your path and whats your next costume idea?

Soni: Next convention is New York Comic con. Next costume idea? Hmmm maybe a bad ass female heroine seen in a Movie named Sucker Punch.....or someone who is quite fiery....think flames and space. Please like my cosplay page to find out!

-Brian Lansangan
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