Friday, July 13, 2012

Jessica Biel Offered a Major Role in WOLVERINE 2!!!

Early reports have 7th Heaven alumna Jessica Biel having been offered a role in The Wolverine.We recently reported on a slew of casting additions to James Mangold’s (Walk the Line) film starring Hugh Jackman in the title role.

Now it looks like a major player in the plot may have been cast. Biel is reportedly being offered the role of Viper, a character often found conflicting with The Avengers as a high-ranking officer in Hydra, but one that has a complex backstory with Wolverine as well. Hit the jump for more on Biel’s potential role.

jessica-biel-wolverineTwitch first reported on Biel’s potential casting in The Wolverine. Set to shoot in Australia this August, the film will also shoot on location in Japan. Recent casting additions have included a generous amount of Japanese actors in pivotal roles, at least according to the source material (Chris Claremontand Frank Miller’s arc). Viper, or Madame Hydra, is said to be of Eastern European descent, which Biel can pull off. The character’s association with Wolverine is complex, involving a forced marriage through blackmail, mortal wounds due to spirit possession and, believe it or not, even actual emotional attachment. This arc would fit in well with the web of betrayal and heartbreak laid out by the other characters in Claremont/Miller story.
No deals have been signed and nothing is set in stone, but if she does board, it would make a lot of sense. Given the so-so response from fans to the first endeavor, it’s important for The Wolverine to not only be good but also a bit splashy. Biel’s casting would bring a lot of buzz and excitement from fanboys, and as a capable actress, she would definitely be able to handle the material. 
Biel can next be seen in the Total Recall reboot starring Colin Farrell, followed by the horror mystery, The Tall Man. Check back later for more details on this potential casting announcement for Biel in The Wolverine.

SOURCE: Collider, Twitch
-Brian Lansangan
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