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Friday the 13th Special - Fan Film Corner: The Nightmare ends on Halloween 2

Now that Comic-Con is in FULL swing and Friday the 13th has dawn upon us, I thought it would be really cool to do a review on a Horror Fan Film featuring 5 of the greatest horror icons in film history. Fan Film Corner presents: "The Nightmare Ends on Halloween 2".

HAPPY FRIDAY the 13th!!!! everyone from all of us here at Templar Digital

The Nightmare Ends on Halloween II, A direct sequel to the 2004 horror mash up, "The Nightmare Ends on Halloween II" recaps the very last scene of the first film and reveals the outcome of Freddy Krueger's fate. Will he survive a battle royale against Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface, or will Pinhead reclaim Freddy's demonic soul?

I chose to do the review on the sequel then its predecessor because the sequel had more characters and more intense action while still keeping the horror theme going. Picking up directly where the first one left off, Chris R. Notarile's eagerly awaited sequel to his much admired original horror short gets right down to stirring brass tacks and delivers exactly what it promises with Freddy Krueger facing off against his formidable peers Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Leatherface in a battle for his very soul. Notarile stages the wall-to-wall fast'n'furious fight set pieces with his trademark lean'n'mean skill and brio; it's a total treat to see these major horror icons vigorously mix it up in an extremely brutal no-holds-barred manner (for example, Freddy kicks Leatherface right where it hurts most). Roberto Lombardi portrays Freddy with a burning rage and vitality that's impressive and entertaining in equal measure. Of course, Freddy gets to spit out a few choice terse one-liners amid all the fierce butt-stomping (all-time favorite line; Krueger to Jason: "They should have drowned you at birth!"). Hector De La Rosa as Jason, Josh Rothman as Michael Myers, Anthony Palmisano as Leatherface, and Kevin Lennon as Pinhead (the latter is voiced by Notarile with appropriate deep and sinister relish) are all likewise sturdy in their roles.

Super Kudos are in order for Notarile's polished cinematography and snappy editing as well as the cool rocking soundtrack. But it's ultimately the sheer go-for-it verve of the whole enterprise that makes it such a blast to watch. Highly recommended.

4 templar crosses out of 5
If you haven't seen it already it, check it out! It's good horrific fun and one of my favorite films of Blinky Productions. "The Nightmare Ends on Halloween" is one hell of a ride!!


Roberto Lombardo ... Freddy Krueger
Kevin Lennon ... Pinhead
Chris R. Notarile ... Pinhead (voice)
Josh Rothman ... Michael Myers
Jerry Todisco ... Jason Voorhees
Hector De La Rosa ... Jason Voorhees
Anthony Palmisano... Leatherface / Michael Myers

Produced by Chris R. Notarile
Cinematography by Chris R. Notarile (director of photography) 
Film Editing by Chris R. Notarile 
Casting by Chris R. Notarile 
 Art Direction by Chris R. Notarile
Makeup Department
Chris R. Notarile .... special makeup effects artist 
Special Effects by Shay Fogg ....
Prop builder: Freddy's Glove by Chris R. Notarile
Special photographic effects Costume and Wardrobe Department by Chris R. Notarile

Blinky Productions

-Brian Lansangan
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