Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fan Film Corner: Operation: Red Retrieval

On our return to Fan Film Corner, we bear witness to "Operation: Red Retrieval"
Every fan loves a fan film: a labor of love that presents a unique point of view, pushing the boundaries of what movies are allowed to do.

DISCLAIMER: We don't own any of the rights to any of the movies shown or the titles/ideas that they are based on. We simply are just showing our support and spreading the word of these great movies made by the people behind it.

Lowdown:  A small special missions team of Joes has been assembled for a priority one assignment: Find Scarlett. With the help of mole agent, the team infiltrates an underground Cobra bunker. That's when the plan becomes compromised. Someone or something has a different plan...and Operation: Red Retrieval is in jeopardy.

Review: not what I was expecting, some of the scene blew me out of the water but unfortunately there were also cheesy scenes and hilarious acting. Loved the intensity this movie brought to the table and definitely had what it takes to be better the the original G.I. Joe movie starring Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans. Sadly, we have to wait for the sequel starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Bruce Willis that was delayed till next year by Paramount Pictures.

Overall: loved the crossover between alot of shows and video games, entertaining at some points with a little of sub par acting but watchable

†††3.5 templar crosses out of 5
Deserves a Peek if your fan of GI Joe and anything 80's cartoons



Mark Cheng - director/producer/writer

Mack Kuhr - actor (Zartan) 

Matt Hayek - actor (Flint)

Alex Jones - actor (Road Block)

Joe Barbagallo - actor (Beach Head)

Jae Greene - stunts 

Joey Min - fight choreographer

Jon Truei - fight choreographer & action supervisor

David Campbell - composer

Tim Bennett - sound design

-Brian Lansangan
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  1. thank you for this write up on my film!

    1. no problem... really enjoyed it....cant wait for the sequel!!



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